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 La Campanella (“The Little Bell”) (Paganini/Liszt)
Experience the distinctive artistry of
Dakota Pianist, Eugene Gienger

A multitude of research at North American Universities shows that children who begin learning the piano before starting school demonstrate outstanding academic performance during their teen years.  Piano playing develops spatial-temporal thinking, which lays the foundation for success at reading, maths and science.  Here then is a pro-active, indirect solution to the falling academic scores among NZ 15-year-olds on the latest OECD rankings, which parents can employ to give their children an edge in life!
The Wieck Piano Academy of Newlands is committed to the youngest students (ages 2.75 to 4.25) and their parents, to develop not only musical and pianistic skills, but to lay a foundation for academic success, through its 200-year-old methodology derived from the famous nineteenth-century German piano teacher Friedrich Wieck.  All teaching is done with a parent present.
Contact the Wieck Piano Academy of Newlands today to schedule your free interview/evaluation.  All ages are considered, but preference is given to the youngest beginners, and secondarily to diploma/university entrance candidates.  Teaching is offered in the tradition of the great classical masters.
News Worthy

Eugene Gienger Tackles Challenging Brahms For Weekend Concert - South Dakota Pianist Eugene Gienger is closing the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra’s current season with one of the most strenuous piano compositions ever written. 

For this Dakota Digest, Eugene Gienger invites SDPB’s Victoria Wicks into his home for a chat and a concert. 

Two transplanted South Dakota musicians grew up in rural areas in North Dakota. Now William Wieland lives in Aberdeen and teaches music at Northern State University. And Eugene Gienger lives in Custer and performs all around the state.  Read More... 


   A "knuckle-breaker"of a programme...sheer prestidigitation...enchanting sonatas by Soler most winningly realized...Mr. Gienger was a          most persuasive advocate of the music both as a speaker and as a player   Peter Mechen, Wellington, New Zealand   April 2014

"A five-star concert pianist...glorious, captivating, incredible, stupendous, prodigious, astounding, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking, overwhelming...incredibly moving for the audience."

Sally Boyd, Bellevue Gazette, Ohio, USA
"An Important Talent."

Professor Bela Siki, University of Washington
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The Wieck Piano Academy of Newlands gratefully acknowledges the support of the following international benefactors:  Ms. Kitty Durville and Ms. Diane Olsen.  

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